What Does Representative Schakowsky Usually Eat?

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Jan Schakowsky, a Democratic representative from Illinois’s 9th Congressional District, is this week taking the “minimum wage challenge.” The idea, ThinkProgress, explains earnestly, is for

those who take the challenge [to] get a taste of what life is like on a low wage, even if it’s temporary and they can go back to their normal lifestyles after a week. “I think it’s important for those of us in these leadership positions that get elected by our constituents to represent their views from time to time to take a challenge such as this,” Rep. [Tim] Ryan said on the call, “to make sure we really are not just understanding this in an intellectual way but really understand the deep challenges that people face.” It’s meant to “bring awareness to this issue,” he said.

Evidently hoping to pull at the heartstrings, Schakowsky this afternoon shared her menu with the world:

Gosh, how unimaginably horri- . . . wait, what? Isn’t that how most people in America eat already? What exactly is wrong with this menu? Anyone?

If this is slumming it, one wonders what Representative Schakowsky usually eats.

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