Jordanian TV Host Burns Israeli Flag on Air

by Molly Wharton

A Jordanian TV host burned an Israeli flag on live television during a discussion of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

“For the sake of Palestine and its children,” Jordan’s 7 Starts TV host Zoher Al-Azzeh told viewers, “allow me to burn this filthy flag of the Zionist entity for the whole world to see.” He proceeded to use a cigarette lighter to set fire to a paper printout of the Israeli flag.

Earlier in the clip, Al-Azzeh accused the U.S. of using the embassy in Jordan as a center for spying, and called for it to be shut down.

He then addressed his viewers, apologizing for graphic images of Palestinian suffering that had been shown earlier. But, he explained, ”we had to demonstrate the ugly nature of the occupiers.”

“The world should know that Zionists are our enemies. They are criminal murderers, and we must fight them,” he said as the flag burned. “We demand that all the Arab people expel them from our countries, beginning with Jordan. Let us spit on this flag.” 

The clip was posted to YouTube by the Middle East Media Research Institute. 

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