Netanyahu: Hamas Has Violated Its Own Ceasefire

by Katherine Howell

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel has accepted multiple ceasefires up to this point in the Gaza conflict but that Hamas has refused to abide by any of them. 

“Israel has accepted five ceasefires up to now,” Netanyahu told Bob Schieffer on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday. “We accepted them and we implemented them.”

“Hamas has rejected every single one of them,” Netanyahu said, noting that that included a ceasefire proposed by the terrorist group itself. “They’ve violated their own ceasefire, and they’re firing on us as we now speak.”

“Israel is not obliged and will not let a terrorist organization, a ruthless terror organization, committed to our destruction, to decide when it’s convenient for them to stop for a moment, rearm, and continue firing on our citizens and our people,” he continued. “We’ll determine what is important for our own security in the way that we can to protect our people, including working against these terror tunnels that they’re digging against us. That’s how we’ll act. We’ll just act to protect our people.”

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