Giving Hillary Credit? Nah.

by Mona Charen

Jay, I didn’t mean to give Hillary credit. Quite the reverse. I drew attention to her praise of Bush merely as evidence that she apparently feels a need — can’t imagine why — to distance herself from Obama’s rolling foreign policy disasters. My point is that, try as she doubtless will, to portray herself as the hard-headed one in the first Obama administration who simply wasn’t heeded, the truth is that her foreign policy judgments are just as appalling as the president’s. In the column, I mentioned her comments on Charlie Rose 10 days ago or so, in which she recommended using Turkey and Qatar as “interlocutors” in the Israel/Hamas war — precisely what John Kerry proceeded to do to nearly universal disgust. 

As if that weren’t enough, we now learn that she told an interviewer that Hamas puts its missiles in schools and homes because “Gaza is pretty small.” 

Those who imagine that Hillary is something different — and I suspect many American Jews are in this category — are deluding themselves. But that’s an old story as you know so well.

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