WH Responds to Boehner Lawsuit by Promising Immigration Executive Order

by Joel Gehrke

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer responded to the House vote to sue President Obama for abusing his executive authority by announcing another executive order.

Pfeiffer also promised that Obama would take unilateral action on immigration.

“The President is not going to back away from his efforts to use his authority to solve problems and help American families,” Pfeiffer wrote following Wednesday’s vote. “In fact, tomorrow, President Obama will announce his next executive action to crack down on federal contractors who put workers’ safety and hard-earned pay at risk. It’s just the next in a series of steps this Administration will be taking this year to make sure that American workers are getting a fair deal, and he has pledged to take executive action to deal with our broken immigration system in the months ahead.”

The lawsuit offered by House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) focuses on the president’s decision not to implement the employer mandate in Obamacare, a provision of the law that would have led to millions more of the politically-damaging insurance policy cancellation notices.

“No member of this body needs to be reminded of what the Constitution states about the president’s obligation to faithfully execute the laws of our nation,” Boehner said on the House floor.  “No member needs to be reminded of the bonds of trust that have been frayed, of the damage that’s already been done to our economy and to our people.  Are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change?  Are you willing to let anyone tear apart what our Founders have built?”

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