AP Poll: More than Two-Thirds Disapprove of President Obama’s Handling of Immigration

by Ryan Lovelace

Sixty-eight percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the issue of immigration, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. This comes after a CNN/ORC International poll found a majority of people think the government’s main focus in dealing with the issue of immigration should be focused on stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal aliens.   

In terms of public perception, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post writes, “Immigration is now President Obama’s worst issue.” Blake says he tried to find an issue on which President Obama has performed so poorly in the polls, and had a great deal of difficulty. On the Veterans Affairs scandal, for instance, the president’s disapproval numbers only climbed to 63 percent in Gallup’s polling. Despite the poor numbers, Blake says that he doesn’t consider it “much of a voting issue” headed into November. It will be a concern for Obama’s legacy, though, he argues.

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