McCain Goes Off on Senate Dems for No Border Bill: ‘Is That a Hell of a Lot to Ask Here?!’

by Andrew Johnson

The House may still be attempting to pass a border bill, but the Senate has already recessed for the next month, and that does not sit well with Senator John McCain (R., Ariz.). Taking to the Senate floor on Thursday night, McCain slammed Democratic leadership for its refusal to allow Republicans to offer amendments and go through the normal process of legislating, especially in light of “a crisis of incredible proportions” on the border.

“I say shame on you for not allowing those of us who represent the states that are most affected by this to have an amendment voted on,” he said. “That is unbelievable to me.”

McCain rejected Democratic claims that the Senate does not legislate on appropriations, citing several examples of him doing so.

“I want to have some amendments debated — I want to be able to tell the people of my state, that are being flooded by immigrants, that I had a proposal representing them here in the United States Senate, and I wanted it debated, and I wanted it voted on,” he continued. “Is that a hell of a lot to ask here?! I don’t think so!”

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