​Krauthammer’s Take: Immigration Reform Would Get ‘80-Percent Support’ If People Believed Law Would Be Enforced

by NRO Staff

If Americans could be assured that they wouldn’t face the same immigration problems in the future, they would overwhelming embrace an immigration reform bill, Charles Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report.

While the current contours of the bills are “basically right,” a key sticking point is a lack of confidence in the Obama administration’s commitment to enforcing any law.

“I think we have to absolutely promise the American people — unlike the swindle of 1986 where Reagan was promised amnesty and enforcement of the border — that this is the last 11 million,” said Krauthammer. “I guarantee you that if Americans believed that there would be enforcement and this is the last cohort of illegals to be legalized, you would get 80 percent support for that dual approach.”

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