Reform Conservatism Gets a New Media Outlet

by Joel Gehrke

A former aide to retiring Senator Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) will serve as editor-in-chief of a new media outlet devoted to “discovering real-life success stories” — a reporting venture broadly analogous to the conservative policymaking currently in vogue among congressional Republicans.

John Hart, Coburn’s former communications director, will be editor-in-chief of the new site, Opportunity Lives

“I’m really back to what I initially trained for,” Hart, who has a master’s degree in journalism, told National Review Online.

The website will feature think tank and policy writers — April Ponnuru, policy director for the YG Network, which has championed reform conservatism, has a piece on the site’s inaugural page; so does former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin — and feature pieces profiling private citizens.

“We want to highlight America’s doers, reformers, innovators and problem-solvers, wherever they may live,” Hart added in a memo. “We hope what will make our platform unique is a focus on solutions rather than conflict.  We’re most interested in reporting on what works, and why.”

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