Pfeiffer: ‘Boehner Has the Gavel, but Ted Cruz Has the Power’ — in the House

by Ian Tuttle

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer might need a civics refresher. “In the House of Representatives,” he said on ABC’s This Week, “Speaker Boehner has the gavel, but Ted Cruz has the power” — senator Ted Cruz, that is:

The remark came in response to host George Stephanopoulos’s query about the possibility of impeachment. Stephanopoulos noted that it is primarily Democrats, not Republicans, who have been stirring up impeachment talk — something National Review Online’s Andrew Johnson observed recently, as well.

To Stephanopoulos’s point that multiple Republican leaders — including the Speaker of the House — have insisted they are not considering impeachment, Pfeiffer parried that just before last year’s government shutdown, House leadership had insisted that they would not allow the government to shut down.

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