Hamas Spokesman Does Not Retract Claim that Jews Use Christian Blood to Make Matzos

by Molly Wharton

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer gave Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan the opportunity to retract his public claim that Jews use Christian blood for matzos, but Hamdan failed to do so.

Wolf played him the video clip, and asked if Hamdan truly believed what he had said.

Hamdan refused to answer, instead discussing Israel’s “genocide” of Palestinians.

The Israelis “cut the facts and they start this propaganda to say that they are innocent,” he said. “They want to cover the genocide which is happening in Gaza now.” 

He brought up a statement by Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin, who had called for the conquest of the Gaza strip. Just as he told Jake Tapper an hour earlier, he reiterated, ”We don’t have a problem with the Jews.”

“We are all from Adam, but the people who are talking about genocide against the Palestinians must be questioned and asked because they are saying that and doing that at the same time,” he said.

Wolf didn’t let Hamdan get away with his non-answer.

“I was hoping to get a flat denial from you that you would utter such ridiculous words that Jews would kill Christians in order to use their blood to bake matzo,” he said. 

“Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, you have to be fair,” Hamdan pushed back. “You can’t end that — I must end that because you asked me and I want to answer.”

But he didn’t, instead giving the incomprehensible reply: “This was said by everyone. I was saying they are part of what was being said.”

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