GAO: Taxpayer-funded Website to Track Fed Grants Only Covers 2 to 7 Percent of Grants Properly

by Katherine Timpf

A recent Government Accountability Office report estimates that a taxpayer-funded website launched to track the awarding of taxpayer-funded grants and contracts only has accurate and complete information for 2 to 7 percent of all contracts.

The federal government makes over $1 trillion in grants and awards annually, of which, according to the report, about $620 billion worth in 2012 were not recorded with the proper information.

The transparency requirements that are almost never being met were created by a 2006 bipartisan bill meant to achieve greater transparency in federal funding. It created a website called in 2007 to report how the federal government spends money on loans, grants, contracts, and other awards.

GAO released the report on Friday.

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