Krauthammer’s Take: Remember, It’s Obama Who Campaigned on More Involvement in Afghanistan

by NRO Staff

In response to the death of a U.S. major general in Afghanistan today, Charles Krauthammer notes that it was Obama who escalated U.S. involvement there.

“The irony is when Obama came into office, there was a plausible way for us to get out,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report, without a heavy involvement.

Krauthammer noted that out of every four American causalities in Afghanistan, three occurred under Obama, and that the Bush administration had kept involvement there “at a low boil.”

“[Obama]’s the one who escalated,” Krauthammer said. “He’s the one who said we have to make a stake here. He’s the one who campaigned on this.”

Democrats had campaigned on Afghanistan for half a decade, saying that Afghanistan is the central war on terror, the place where “Bush took his eye off the ball,” Krauthammer said.

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