N.Y. Times Room for Debate

by Mona Charen

Yes, there is room for debate about the New York Times, but I’m referring specifically to a feature they run inviting discussion of a particular issue. I participated in one this week about how the U.S. could promote peace between Israel and Palestinians. There were seven contributors, and the lean was three for Israel and four against, more or less. One of the four was Obama friend Rashid Khalidi. I take a few large swipes at world opinion, calling it a “contemptible thing.” Examples: “North Koreans suffer on a Biblical scale and the world regards the country as a good joke. In Ukraine, 799 civilians (not including those in the Malaysian airliner) have been killed in fighting since April in a war directed and incited by Moscow. World opinion barely clears its throat.” My full piece (only 400 or so words) is here. The rest is here.

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