Much More Mississippi Mud

by Quin Hillyer

As a way-too-exhaustive follow-up to earlier reporting at NRO by Eliana Johnson, John Fund, and me, about the nasty U.S. Senate race in Mississippi, with specifically new material in reaction to state senator Chris McDaniel’s official election challenge earlier this week, I wrote a very lengthy post at my own site that delves far more deeply into the weeds than seems to be of general interest for NRO. But since so much of the reporting originated here, I invite NRO readers to come on over to my place if you’d like to read a new analysis. Hint: I slightly amend, but mostly repeat, my earlier criticisms of Mississippi’s Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour. But — and this is new — I also excoriate McDaniel, in a big way. Again, it’s all right here.

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