Kent State Professor Blames Palestinian Deaths on ‘Academic Friends of Israel’

by Molly Wharton

A professor at Kent State University in Ohio has written a letter to “academic friends of Israel” holding them “directly responsible for the murder” of 1,400 Palestinian civilians over the past month.

The letter, published by the History News Network, was written by associate professor of history Dr. Julio Pino. He wrote that the homicide is neither symbolic nor legally justified, but rather “actual, cold-blooded, calculated killing, for which you are culpable.”   

“May your names become a curse word on the lips of every justice-loving person on earth, along with ‘Obama’ and “Netanyahu,’” he wrote. 

Pino wrote that these academics have hid “behind the mask of academic objectivity,” while in reality they have engaged in “academic collaboration with a regime that is the spiritual heir to Nazism.” 

“I curse you more than the Israelis,” he wrote. He affirmed that his message “applies equally to all who engage in collaboration with fascism.”

He signed off with a final message: “Jihad until victory!”

The letter is not the first time that Pino, a Cuban native and convert to Islam, has revealed his anti-Israel tendencies. At a public lecture in 2011 in which a former Israeli diplomat was a guest speaker, he shouted “Death to Israel!” 

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