Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Already on Vacation, ‘Grabbing the Golf Clubs’ Despite Global Crises

by NRO Staff

There’s no passion, there’s no interest, there’s nothing behind” President Obama’s response to questions about the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts, Charles Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report. He questioned why the president elected to even hold the press conference in the first place if he didn’t intend to make a firm stance on any issue. 

“I’m not sure he advanced any issue at all, other than to show adversaries, bad guys in the world that you don’t have to worry about this guy,” Krauthammer said of the president’s lackluster support for Ukraine and tepid condemnation of Hamas.

“He’s going on vacation, he’s grabbing the golf clubs, and he’ll be gone for a month, and we’ll see you when you come back,” he continued. “If Russia has taken over Ukraine, he’ll deal with it when that happens.”

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