On Michelle Nunn, Points of Light, and Islamic Relief

by Eliana Johnson

Perhaps the most eye-popping detail in Michelle Nunn’s campaign plan, which I wrote about last week, was the concern expressed about grants made by the Points of Light Foundation, for which she served as CEO until she announced her Senate candidacy, to “inmates” and “terrorists.” 

I initially reported that Points of Light had given over $33,000 in grant money to Islamic Relief USA, a group whose parent organization, Islamic Relief Worldwide, has ties to Hamas. I inadvertently transposed a digit and misread a $200 contribution as a $20,000 contribution, and I’ve corrected the piece to reflect that between 2007 and 2011, Points of Light gave over $13,500 to Islamic Relief USA. What I said was a grant documented in a 2008 IRS Form 990 was actually documented in a 2007 Form 990. 

I apologize for the errors. 

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