Clintons Downsize to $33K-Per-Week Hamptons Summer Home

by Andrew Johnson

Bill and Hillary Clinton, just a month removed from the latter’s “dead broke” comments, are cutting back on their annual Hamptons vacation by half. This year, the two will settle for a “modest” $18 million, seven-bedroom place with no ocean view for a few week.

The Clintons will pull together $100,000 to stay at the Amagansett house for three weeks starting this month, down from the $200,000 they paid for their summer rental last year, according to a blog post by Blake Fleetwood on the Huffington Post. Their neighbors will include the likes of Hollywood nonentities such as Harvey Weinstein and Steven Spielberg, down-to-earth actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and vendors Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

The local country club will also be a step down from their usual comfort: Fleetwood notes that South Fork Country Club’s initiation fee is just $85,000, while those of most Hamptons clubs go as high as $500,000.

Earlier this summer, Hillary was criticized for saying she and her husband were “dead broke” after leaving the White House in 2000.

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