An Evergreen Cartoon

by Jay Nordlinger

In recent weeks, I have found myself reluctant to write about the current Gaza conflict. I am also irritated to do so. Poor me: I have to do a little blogging, now and then. The Israelis have to fight for their survival, their right to exist.

But, man, there is nothing new under the sun. Nothing new to write about. One finds oneself making the same points, over and over, year after year, decade after decade.

Hamas likes Israeli casualties, and Palestinian casualties. The Western media won’t report honestly from Gaza, out of fear (and bias). The Israelis are the bad guys, because they try to defeat Hamas and, in the process, kill innocent people, especially adorable children, photos of whose corpses are flashed all over the world. (Golda Meir said something like this: “We might be able to forgive them for killing our children. We will never forgive them for making us kill their children.”)

Blah, blah, blah. This is a show that is in perpetual re-runs.

A couple of days ago, someone sent me a cartoon and remarked, “This says it all.” The cartoon shows a Hamas fighter and an Israeli soldier, firing at each other. The Hamas fighter is crouching behind a baby carriage, using it as a shield. The Israeli is crouching in front of a baby carriage, protecting it.

Yes, the cartoon may “say it all,” or a lot — but it’s from 2009. See what I mean?

And yet, I trot out my favorite slogan, once more. It comes from Leopoldo López, the jailed opposition leader in Venezuela. “El que se cansa, pierde.” “He who tires, loses.”

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