Two Mayors, One ‘Rev’

by Jay Nordlinger

Reading Christine Sisto’s post, below, on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s importuning of Al Sharpton, I thought of Ed Koch. One of the highest compliments he was ever paid was the following, by Sharpton:

“At the end of the day, he had respect for African Americans and Latinos. He respects us enough not to placate us. We probably would have liked it better if he told us what we wanted to hear. But he respected us enough to talk to us like adults and tell us what he was and wasn’t going to do. And as I got older I learned to respect people more that didn’t give me empty promises just to get me out of their office. When he said yes, I could go and say he would keep that yes and when he said no he meant no. Even when I thought he was wrong, I never felt he was disingenuous.”

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