Krauthammer’s Take: Martha’s Vineyard Hug Summit a ‘Blatant Display of Clinton Inauthenticity’

by NRO Staff

Hillary Clinton’s attack on the Obama administration’s foreign policy, then quick retreat – supposedly to end Wednesday night with a hug while the Clintons and Obamas vacation simultaneously on Martha’s Vineyard – is a “blatant display of Clinton inauthenticity,” says Charles Krauthammer. “It’s breathtaking.”

“With these people — meaning the Clintons — do you ever know if they are saying anything sincere?” Krauthammer asked his fellow panelists. He recounted how Clinton admitted to then-secretary of defense Robert Gates that she had opposed the Iraq Surge for political reasons — because she was, at the time, running for president against Barack Obama, who had taken a firmer anti-war stance. “Now, because she is not going to face a serious challenge on her left, she is maneuvering to the center for her current run and expressing more hawkish opinions than the Obama administration.”

“You never actually have any idea what is the core belief,” says Krauthammer. “And I think if she finally ended up saying what you thought was inauthentic and withdraws it with a hug within a day, she’s in trouble.”

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