Redskins File Lawsuit to Keep Trademark of Name

by Andrew Johnson

The Washington Redskins are taking legal action to overturn a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that stripped the team of a number of trademark registrations. In June, the agency’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board canceled the team’s trademarks of its name and logo because they were ruled “disparaging.”

On Thursday, the team filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Virginia against the five American Indians who initially brought the issue to the USPTO. The team claims the board “ignored both federal case law and the weight of the evidence,” in the process raising “serious constitutional issues.”

The Washington Post reports that the team can introduce new evidence in defense of the name by filing in federal district court in Virginia, rather than appeals court in Washington, D.C. If it had filed in D.C., the case would have been limited to the evidence used in the board’s decision, some of which is decades old.

Despite the June decision, the team still currently holds the trademark over the name and logo while the case makes its way through the legal process.

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