Krauthammer’s Take: On the Vineyard or in D.C., Obama ‘Utterly Passive’

by NRO Staff

Why is President Obama returning unexpectedly to Washington? That question misses the point, says Charles Krauthammer:

Look, I think the problem is not that he’s on vacation. I think the problem is, what does he do when he’s not on vacation? Or what would he be doing even if he was in the White House? He can have all the communications equipment in the world that he needs, but what is he communicating?

Citing ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria, Krauthammer observed, “His own secretary of defense is saying the world is exploding, and he is utterly passive.”

“I think the passivity is the issue: not that he’s passive on the Vineyard — he’s passive in Washington,” Krauthammer said.

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