Ferguson Becomes a Magnet for the Bizarre

by Ryan Lovelace

A man and his dog are attempting to do what police have struggled to do all week — calm down the streets of Ferguson. St. Louis resident Jim Fisher tells National Review Online he hopes his dog will help calm things down.

“I’ve been sitting at home wondering, “What the hell can I do?” And then I saw her laying at my feet,” he says. “I thought you know well maybe people just need a little love, stop the anger.” Fisher stood opposite a building that appeared abandoned with graffiti on it that read, “CLASS WAR NOW!” and “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

A short distance away a man is carrying a Palestinian flag yelling expletives at no one in particular, but stops to tell me he’s mad at Boeing. He says he lives in Ferguson and insists he’s protesting for “his people,” without identifying whether he meant the people of Ferguson or Palestine. “It’s got to stop,” he screams. “The spark is lit.”

While Missouri governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew starting tonight at midnight, protesters seem prepared to hold their ground for several hours to come. Chipotle workers have arrived in a van with free burritos and chips for the protesters, and another man has arrived with stacks of Little Caesars’ pizzas.

The protests appeared to be a flashpoint for racial tension earlier in the week, but now seem to have become a magnet for the opportunistic and bizarre.    

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