Forensic Pathologist: We ‘Don’t Know’ Whether Brown Was Shot with His Hands Up

by Andrew Johnson

​Forensic pathologist assistant Shawn Parcells, who helped conduct the autopsy of Michael Brown commissioned by his family, told reporters that it remains unclear whether Brown was shot by police while walking with his hands up.

Parcells explained that his autopsy does not confirm witness statements that Brown was shot while he surrendered with his hands in the air to police earlier this month. During Monday’s press briefing, he wanted to be “very clear” that a wound in Brown’s right arm could have taken place in a number of positions.

While he did not rule out that Brown’s hands were in the air, he also could have been turned away from police, as well as facing the police and had his arms in a different position, Parcells said.

The hands-up gesture has become the symbol of demonstrators in Ferguson, Mo. and across the country.

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