Down Austin Way

by Jay Nordlinger

I commend to our readers NR’s editorial on the Texas Democratic party and its gross move against Governor Rick Perry. It is a superb editorial. I guess I shouldn’t say that, given my position at NR, but I had nothing to do with the writing of it, so what the hey. (“Hay”?)

The editorial cites an Austin slogan: “Keep Austin Weird.” There’s a fair amount of self-love in that slogan, isn’t there? Here’s another one: “Austin: Texas for people who hate Texas.” I always say, “Then Austin is not for me, because I love Texas.”

But Texas includes Austin — and that town is lovable too, for all its pretentiousness. I can almost taste the barbecue at The Salt Lick or the ice cream at Amy’s. Or a big, multicourse meal at Fonda San Miguel. I can almost see the pretty girls at UT (though some number of them are over-makeupped). (Note to college girls: You need makeup like a hole in the head.)

Then, of course, there are great UT products: such as Tom Landry, Ben Crenshaw, and Kevin Williamson (the last being the most important, of course). (Kevin would be a magnificent governor of Texas, and if what they say about Texas is true — that it has a “weak governorship” — all the better: because Governor Williamson would then have plenty of time to write.)

If I had my way, there would be a new slogan: “Austin: The fine capital of a great state, and a university town that’s only maybe a little bit more pretentious than most.”

Not exactly bumper-sticker material, huh?

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