Krauthammer’s Take: Disappointing Ferguson Autopsy Report a Product of ‘CSI Culture’

by NRO Staff

“What’s amazing” about the situation in Ferguson, Mo., says Charles Krauthammer, “is, here we are a week later, [and] we have no idea — we have no definitive story — about what actually happened in the encounter” between Michael Brown and the police officer who fatally shot him, Darren Wilson.

But that shouldn’t be entirely surprising, Krauthammer said, noting that the eagerly anticipated autopsy results were predictably uninformative. “There’s also this expectation that we’re going to learn it all from the autopsies. This is the CSI culture: Everybody assumes that if you get a good enough fictional team in there, they will be able to figure out exactly what happened at every second. It doesn’t exactly work that way in autopsies.”

“All [private medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden] could say is, ‘This is consistent with,’ ‘That is consistent with . . .’ In medicine the term ‘consistent with’ is a weasel-word, [a way] of saying, ‘I have no idea. It could be anything.’”

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