Megyn Kelly Blasts Mo. Gov’s Premature Call for Prosecution in Brown Case

by Andrew Johnson

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly ripped Missouri governor Jay Nixon for getting ahead of the prosecutor in calling for a “vigorous prosecution” in response to the killing of Ferguson, Mo. man Michael Brown. Nixon, who also served as the state’s attorney general for 16 years, should know better, she said.

​”That is not the way our justice system works, and he knows damn well that’s the case,” Kelly said on Tuesday night shortly after Nixon released a video message in which he made the remarks. “Is he that worried about his own political hide that he’s going to endanger this officer’s life further, and other people’s life for that matter?”

Nixon has come under pressure to remove St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, who critics say would be too sympathetic to Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Brown; McCulloch’s father, a police officer, was killed on the job by a black man in the 1960s. In his video, Nixon refused to remove the prosecutor, but said McCulloch could also recuse himself if he wanted.

But for Kelly, Nixon was interfering with the judicial process and essentially siding with protesters who have vowed to continue demonstrating if Wilson was not indicted.

“I will say, as somebody who practiced law for nearly a decade, that was an irresponsible and outrageous statement to make on the eve of the grand jury convening and he needs to walk it back and apologize for getting out ahead of his skis,” she said.

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