Ferguson Prosecutor Tells Governor Nixon to ‘Man Up’

by Andrew Johnson

Governor Jay Nixon is undermining the process and further aggravating the situation in Ferguson, Mo., with his comments regarding who should prosecute the Brown case, according to the man at the center of the latest controversy in the death of Michael Brown.

On Tuesday, Nixon released a videotaped statement in which he said he would not remove St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch from the case and that it was up to McCulloch to recuse himself if he thought it necessary. Critics have taken issue with McCulloch’s involvement because his family serves on the police force, and his father was killed on the job as an officer by a black man in the 1960s.

McCulloch said in a radio interview that aired on CNN that the governor’s comments were “typical Nixon doublespeak” and “a distraction,” which hampered the process from moving forward.

“The Brown family deserves that, and the rest of the community deserves it, so just make a decision,” he said. “He said absolutely nothing last night that is any way, shape, or form meaningful, and it only aggravates the situation.”

He said he will continue to proceed with the investigation at this point, but fears the “most devastating” situation would be if he is later removed and the process has to start over again.

“Stand up, man up — stand up and say, ‘I have this authority — I am not removing McCulloch,’ [or] ‘I am removing McCulloch,’ and move on with this,” he continued.

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