Remarks and Laughs from the Gallows

by Jay Nordlinger

After taking a week off, Mona Charen and I have recorded another podcast — go here. It’s late in Salzburg. I have limited myself to about three pastries today, down from my regular five. So I am relatively clear-headed, I think.

We talk about pretty much everything: Ferguson, Mo.; policing; ISIS (which needs to be pulverized); Iran (which will be hard to deter, if it goes nuclear); the flag-wrapped Edward Snowden (that would be the American flag, in case you’re wondering); North Korea; etc.

Anything light in there? Yeah, there are a lot of laughs, mainly in the category of gallows humor, probably.

At the end, we talk a bit about college daze. Mona and Bob’s third and youngest son has just gone off to college. He is still in orientation, and not yet a leftist, we understand. Things may be different by Thanksgiving. Or Columbus Day Weekend? Are you allowed to say “Columbus” on campus, in a non-hostile way?

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