by Jay Nordlinger

1) I’d like to repeat a post from the other day, in order to point out something new:

In a Wall Street Journal editorial about Russia, there was a remarkable sentence. An accurate sentence, but a jarring one — and a telling one. Here it is: “The State Department admitted last month that Russia has violated the 1987 INF Treaty . . .”

You might expect “The Kremlin admitted”; instead you get “The State Department admitted.”

Telling, right?

Here is the subhead of a Journal editorial about Syria: “Even the White House concedes that Assad may not have turned over all of his chemical weapons.”

The pattern is depressing: When the administration tells the truth about bad actors around the world, it’s “Man Bites Dog.”

2) Speaking of that, here is a genuine and apt headline from the Telegraph: “Man bites and kills venomous snake in central India.” (Article here.)

3) The Corner-reading masses are saying, “To hell with geopolitics and curious headlines. What we want is concert and opera reviews from the Salzburg Festival, dammit.” Okay, okay. You don’t have to get huffy about it.

For a review of Piotr Beczala (the Polish tenor) in recital, go here. For a review of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde (in abbreviated and concert form), conducted by Daniel Barenboim, go here.

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