In Vino Very Tasty

by Jack Fowler

I joined the National Review Wine Club, and happily so. I paid my fee (no Publisher’s discount!) and before you could say Demote Harry Reid a big box of fruit of the vine came to Casa Fowler. In the ensuing weeks I’ve shared a few bottles with some friends (yes, I do have some) and they liked them very much (and, in their vino glow, even liked me a bit better!). And then a few pals who signed up to show their brotherhood with Yours Truly wrote me to say — they’re loving it! So, why don’t you give the National Review Wine Club a shot? Order now and you’ll get twelve great bottles (all red, all white, a mix — you choose), plus two bonus bottles of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, and lots of collateral material that is informative, even when you are starting to see double. Sign up right away here. You’ll thank me!

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