GOP Rep: Pelosi Should Be Censured for Storming Across House Floor to Confront Member

by Andrew Johnson

Nancy Pelosi drew headlines earlier this month when she charged toward Republican representative Tom Marino on the House chamber in the middle of a floor speech and then chased him afterwards, and one congressman doesn’t think she should get away with it.

Representative Steve Pearce (R., N.M.) told a local Republican-party group that he will push his colleagues to censure the minority leader for her breach of protocol and confrontation.

“I’ve told our leader, Speaker Boehner, that when we get back, that needs to be taken up on the House floor, and if there is reason for censure, we should do that,” he said, according to the Roswell Daily News. “You should never approach another person when they’re speaking. And she was saying horrible things to him. It was something along the lines that ‘You need to shut up. You’re insignificant. You’re insignificant.’”

Indeed, after their spat, Marino said that Pelosi called him “insignificant” and “a liar” when he pointed out that Democrats failed to confront immigration reform when they controlled Congress in the first two years of the Obama presidency.

The New Mexico Telegram reports that the last censure came in 2010, against Representative Charlie Rangel (D., N.Y.) over ethics violations. Censures serve as a formal condemnation of a member’s actions and require them to step down from any committee chairmanships they may hold.

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