Marco Rubio: Obama’s Unilateral Action Will Kill Immigration Reform

by Joel Gehrke

President Obama’s expected administrative amnesty of five million people will spike even piecemeal immigration reforms, Senator Marco Rubio (R., S.C.) warned.

“If indeed you move forward on such a decision, I believe it will close the door to any chance of making progress on immigration reform for the foreseeable future,” Rubio wrote in a Tuesday letter to Obama. 

“I know you are receiving tremendous political pressure from certain activists to grant another unilateral, temporary and uncertain legal status to millions of additional undocumented immigrants. But to do so, without first taking any serious steps to address the border or protect American workers, will increase the perception of ambiguity in our laws, incentivize more people to immigrate here illegally, and significantly set back the prospects of real reform.”

And Rubio wasn’t referring to the comprehensive legislation that he helped write as a member of the Gang of Eight — he has already abandoned that type of proposal.

“After the experience of the last 18 months, I have become convinced that there is no realistic path forward on comprehensive reform for the foreseeable future,” Rubio wrote. “Instead, it is clear to me now that the only approach that has any chance of success is one that addresses our immigration problems in a series of sequential pieces of legislation.”

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