The NYPD Has a ‘Hip-Hop Squad’ That Keeps Tabs on Rappers’ Parties to Prevent Shootings

by Ian Tuttle

The New York Post reports that the NYPD boasts a special unit known as the “Hip-Hop Squad,” responsible for monitoring area parties and concerts that might feature stars from the rap/hip-hop industry. The squad’s “watch list” includes rappers Drake, Chris Brown, and French Montana. The Post reports:

The shadowy specialist unit, known locally as the “Hip-Hop Police,” keeps a list of rappers and hip-hop stars whose shows and night club appearances are closely monitored. It also includes Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, Jim Jones and Lil Wayne.

A source told us: “All New York club owners are required to inform the Hip-Hop Police in advance if anyone on the watch list is coming in. They want to be there to monitor the crowd and in case any trouble starts.” The insider added, “They don’t want any situations like the Suge Knight shooting. If something does go down, they want to already be on the scene. . . .

“The other part of it is, there’s a lot of really street-leaning gangster guys on the fringes of the industry. . . . The police task force keeps tabs on who is around certain rappers and what movements they are going through.”

No similar squads specializing in country, big band, or opera? Just another example of outrageous NYPD profiling.

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