King: ISIS ‘Doesn’t Need Excuse’ to Attack U.S.

by Ian Tuttle

“Al-Qaeda didn’t need a grievance to attack us on 9/11, and these groups don’t need any excuse,” said New York congressman Peter King, responding to the suggestion that attacking the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, would prompt it try attacking the U.S. “They will attack us whenever they can.”

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, King said: “I believe strongly that ISIS does plan on attacking the United States. Even three years ago their predecessor organization attempted to attack Fort Knox, and two people were arrested and convicted in Kentucky for that attempted attack.”

“How long do we wait” for the president to put together his “coalition,” King asked. “The more we wait, the more dangerous ISIS becomes. And my main criticism of last year [is that] the president lined up these allies for the bombing attacks [in Syria], he drew the red line, and then he pulled the rug out without telling the allies, and now they don’t trust the president.”

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