Krauthammer’s Take: ‘The President Doesn’t Even Know His Own Mind’

by NRO Staff

“We thought a week ago [President Obama] didn’t have a strategy,” says Charles Krauthammer. “Now we know that he doesn’t even have an objective.” That is Dr. K’s takeaway from the president’s morning press conference, at which the president both pledged to defeat the Islamic State and suggested he’d be fine with degrading it to where it was merely “manageable.”

“He doesn’t know if [his objective] is to destroy or containment,” Krauthammer said.

Last week the president blamed the Pentagon for his inaction because “he wanted to blame it on somebody else the way he blames everything on somebody else,” Krauthammer said on Special Report. “So he says I don’t have options from the Pentagon. Obviously he did. The problem is he hasn’t chosen.”

More worrisome than the fact that “the president doesn’t even know his own mind,” though, says Krauthammer, is the revelation that forces in Kurdistan “are not receiving heavy weapons from the United States despite assurances a few weeks ago that we had changed our policy. . . . Because of ridiculous legalisms we have to route this through Baghdad knowing, a) that Baghdad is not going to send it up to Kurdistan, and that, b) Baghdad is likely to lose it, and it’s going to end up in the hands of ISIS.”

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