U.S. Soldier in Iraq: Hey Biden, ‘We Can’t Even Leave the Front Gate of Our Base’

by Katherine Howell

Bret Baier posted on his blog today a few thoughts from some of the 350 service members deployed by President Obama earlier this week to protect diplomatic personnel and facilities in Baghdad.

Baier passed along an e-mail from a “friend/ special operator who is in contact with his fellow soldiers who have been deployed to Iraq.” The friend anonymously shared some of the reactions that soldiers had to comments made yesterday by the president and vice president about the Islamic State:

I’m getting notes from the guys over in these operations centers in Iraq. Frustration and confusion reign. Their commander in chief has deployed them back into harm’s way with a defensive mission to only defend US facilities against ISIS, that it’s not a US problem to solve, and the Iraqis must get their act together politically.

Now today he says we are going to destroy and degrade ISIS, and in the same sentence that we are going to only manage them. Then we have our Vice President in a Howard Dean moment.  

My favorite quote of the day from an operator downrange “Chase them to the Gates of Hell? How the F$&@k are we going to do that when we can’t even leave the front gate of our base!?”

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