Kansas Secretary of State: Dem Senate Candidate Will Stay on the Ballot

by Andrew Johnson

Democratic Kansas Senate candidate Chad Taylor, who filed papers to withdraw on Wednesday, will remain on the ballot this fall, says the state’s secretary of state, Kris Kobach. Taylor’s sudden decision to drop out seemed to be motivated by Democrats’ desire to unite opposition to incumbent Republican senator Pat Roberts, sending Taylor voters to support independent businessman Greg Orman.

At a press conference on Thursday, Kobach said Taylor failed to say in his filing that he was incapable of serving the office if elected, a requirement under state statutes. Additionally, if Taylor were allowed to get off the ballot, another statute states that the Kansas Democratic Party would have to fill the line with another candidate.

Polls suggested that voters not supporting Roberts were split between Orman and Taylor, with Orman doing better. It now looks as if the vote may remain split, even if Taylor stops campaigning and Democrats try to united behind Orman.

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