Krauthammer’s Take: Al-Qaeda Were Destroyers, ‘ISIS Are Builders’

by NRO Staff

Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State are “fundamentally different,” says Charles Krauthammer, for the reason indicated by the latter’s name. “Al-Qaeda was always outward-looking. It was always for attacking the ‘infidel regimes,’ as they considered them, who were ruling as instruments of the West in the Arab world. . . . And they were against the ‘Great Satan,’ so they went after us with these elaborate terror campaigns.”

By contrast, “ISIS is unique in that its interest right now — it will have larger ambitions later — but its interest is to build a state,” Krauthammer said on Special Report. “It is working on developing a state with the powers of taxation, with ordering the society, with building the military, exporting oil — all of the internal things of state-building.”

“It is ironic,” Krauthammer added, “Obama said that the future belongs to those who build and not to those who destroy. ISIS are builders. . . . That is what makes them different and more of a long-term threat.”

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