New Ga. Poll Shows Nunn Up on Perdue in Hypothetical January Runoff

by Andrew Johnson

Three new polls find that Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue remain close in Georgia’s Senate race, quite possibly headed for a January runoff, and the latest CNN/ORC survey offers one of the first glimpses of how the two might fare head-to-head.

According to the CNN poll, in the general election in November, Nunn holds a slight lead over Perdue among likely voters, with 47 percent of the vote to his 44 percent. Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford receives 5 percent. If no candidate tops 50 percent of the vote, the election heads to a runoff to be held January 6.

Nunn continues to have a small edge in a runoff, with 51 percent to Perdue’s 47 percent. Take the result with a grain of salt: CNN notes that this poll is intended to model general-election turnout, not runoff turnout, which typically looks different.

The CNN/ORC November predictions mirror results from other pollsters over the past two days. An InsiderAdvantage/Fox5/Morris News survey gave Nunn a two-point lead over Perdue, while, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll finds Perdue up by the same margin, with 44 percent support. Neither looked at the results of a potential runoff.

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