Udall Going All In on What Hasn’t Been Working

by Andrew Johnson

He’s been criticized for running a single-issue campaign on birth control, but that didn’t stop Senator Mark Udall (D., Colo.) and his allies from warning that a victory by his Republican challenger, Representative Cory Gardner, could mean the end of condoms.

In a radio ad by NARAL, a man is heard returning home frustrated by not being able to locate an unnamed item. After the woman in the ad, who the man refers to as “sweet pea,” asks if he tried the drug story, grocery store, and corner store, she reveals he was looking for condoms and asks why they are in such short supply.

“Cory Gardner banned birth control,” the man responds, “and now, it’s all on us guys. And you can’t find a condom anywhere. And the pill was just the start.” (For the record, Gardner supports making birth control available over-the-counter.)

The man also blames Gardner for denying his younger brother the ability to go to college as well as “weirding our weather.”

“Come on,” Sweet Pea exclaims.

“This guy has no idea what’s going on the real world,” he says.

Meanwhile, Udall’s campaign released a closing ad highlighting Gardner’s support for a “personhood” bill in Congress, a frequent attack by the incumbent senator throughout the race. Gardner changed his position on the bill earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a target.

In its endorsement of Gardner earlier this month, the Denver Post editorial board criticized Udall for “trying to frighten voters” and overplaying his hand on the issues of birth control and abortion. “His obnoxious one-issue campaign is an insult to those he seeks to convince,” the board wrote.

The race remains a toss-up in the final week, and the RealClearPolitics average gives Gardner a 3.3-point lead.

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