‘Yankee Go Home!’ Turkish Leftists Assault American Sailors in Istanbul

by Brendan Bordelon

Three U.S. sailors were assaulted by a group of young left-wingers in Istanbul on Wednesday, with the aggressors chanting “Yankee go home” while placing plastic bags on the Americans’ heads.

The Navy personnel, on shore leave from the missile destroyer USS Ross, were not in uniform when well over a dozen members of the Turkish Youth Union surrounded them on the street. The group shoved them and pelted them with unidentified objects. “We want you to get out of our land,” one yelled in broken English.

The sailors managed to extricate themselves from the plastic bags and run for cover, with the youth continuing to chase them. Naval officials told NBC News that Turkish police and U.S. Embassy personnel are investigating. 

The Turkish Youth Union is a far-left revolutionary group dedicated to ending “American imperialism.” One of the aggressors waved a flag of Turkish founder and secular leftist Kemal Ataturk while carrying out the attack.

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