WSJ’s Jason Riley: Aren’t Dems Worried Hillary’s Beholden to Foreign Donors Like They Accused GOP of Being with Kochs?

by Andrew Johnson

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley sees a double standard in Democrats’ concerns when it comes to money and political figures as it pertains to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative’s acceptance of donations from foreign governments. The foundation recently revealed it received $500,000 from the Algerian government in 2010 and failed to disclose the donation while Clinton served as secretary of state.

“During the midterm elections, any Republican who took money from the Koch brothers was considered bought and paid for,” Riley said on Fox News Sunday. “Hillary Clinton is, through her foundation, taking money from Qatar, Algeria, Kuwait — does that mean she’s going to be bought and paid for?”

“I think the Clinton foundation is less a charity than a political group,” he continued. “Basically a super PAC put in place to help Hillary Clinton politically.”

Earlier in the panel, former representative Jane Harman agreed that she was “troubled” by the news, particularly because the Algerian donation was unsolicited, and called for “absolute transparency.”

“I think it needs to be explained,” she said. “I don’t understand why the money wasn’t returned or, in some way, why approval wasn’t sought.”

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