Ferguson Pastor: Suspected Cop Shooter ‘Set Up’ by Police

by Brendan Bordelon

MSNBC host Tamron Hall was nearly at a loss for words on Monday, after a Ferguson, Missouri pastor who visited last week’s cop shooter in jail claims the young man was “set up” by the police.

Bishop Derrick Robinson helped organize protests against the Ferguson police department — including the one held last Wednesday following the resignation of the town’s police chief, which saw two officers gunned down and seriously wounded.

Over the weekend, police took 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams into custody. Soon after, he reportedly confessed to shooting the two police officers.

But Robinson suggested Williams might be a scapegoat. “I really believe he was set up,” he told Hall on Monday morning.

“Let me pause you on that,” she said. “Set up by who?”

“Police,” Robinson said simply. “I think he was set up by — I would farther and say some of the police! The story just does not add up.”

When pressed by Hall for any evidence, Robinson said Williams was “brutally beaten,” not allowed counsel, and ultimately “coerced” into confessing.

“We have no proof of these allegations, and you have provided me no proof of this,” Hall said tersely, quickly ending the interview.

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