14 Things that Caught My Eye Today (April 10, 2015)

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

1. North Korea Should Be Held Accountable for Persecuting Christians




5. An interview with Anthony Ray Hinton, recently found innocent after 30 years on death row.

6. Archbishop José H. Gomez in Los Angeles:

These debates in Indiana and elsewhere across the country are important for the future of our freedoms as Americans and as Catholics. What’s at stake is our ability to live as God calls us to live and to serve him as he calls us to serve him.

Catholics respect the pluralism and diversity of American society. We are not trying to impose our faith on others or deny their rights to believe and live the way they want to.

But I’m sad to say that right now across the country, others are trying to impose their  “faith” — a secularized ideology and an anti-religious morality — on religious believers and it is our rights that are at risk of being denied.

7. “An Examination of Conscience is Not Just for Christians

8. “Praying? What kind of people are you?

9. And from the Los Angeles Times: Palliative care expert is a vocal opponent of Death With Dignity law

It’s worth thanking the paper for running it and the writer (@LATerynbrown) for writing it!)

10. Physician-assisted suicide as “amoral seduction.”

11. Well, at least they are not saying, please, “feel free?” (And religious folks, please cover it for your employees?)


13. This is good:



PLUS: A Catholic list for Easter Friday.

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