Hillary’s Most Humble First Day in Iowa

by John Fund

Hillary Clinton made her first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate yesterday. Her campaign promoted her appearance at a community college with a press release headlined, “On First Trip, Hillary to Have Conversations with Everyday Iowans.”

But apparently not all everyday Iowans are created equal. It turns out that students in classrooms along the paths Hillary was walking at the college were put on lockdown during her visit for “security” reasons.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign hosted a conference call during which its top aides urged potential fundraisers on toward the goal of raising $1 billion. The Wall Street Journal reported that “those who commit to becoming ‘Hillstarters’ must raise $27,000 in campaign donations within 30 days. The money will go toward Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic primary race, as opposed to the general election.” To date, Clinton has no significant primary challengers.

During a separate conference call with reporters, a top Hillary aide explained, “We understand this is a long process that we are going to take very seriously, with a great deal of humility.” Along with a fair pinch of hypocrisy, I might add. Hillary’s first policy pronouncement yesterday actually included a call by her to end the role of “unaccountable” money in politics — this as she plans to raise $1 billion and allow independent super PACs to promote her candidacy.

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