Hillary’s Hunt for Cash Undermines Outreach to Ordinary Voters

by John Fund

The Hillary Clinton campaign insists there is not a “shred” of evidence that huge corporate and governmental donations to her family’s foundation had anything to do with preferential treatment handed out by the State Department. Of course, e-mails that might establish those links have been, well, not shredded but deleted.

But the stories do put into focus a pattern of behavior established by Hillary that amplifies the fact that she is at the center of the Clinton family’s fundraising and financial decisions.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush has an excellent trip down memory lane on Hillary’s hunt for cash over the years along with her entitlement mentality that the rules simply didn’t apply to the Clinton crowd.

“During her husband’s years in government service, it was Hillary Clinton who paid most of the bills — initially as a partner in Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm — so many of the least flattering stories about the family’s finances featured her as the central player. Investigation after investigation proved the Clintons did nothing illegal in Whitewater, the complicated and doomed 1980s land deal that caused the first family so many pre-Monica Lewinsky headaches. But it was a sloppy affair, the result of Hillary Rodham’s push to supplement her husband’s meager government salary with a clever investment. The same held true for a questionable (and legal) $1,000 investment in cattle futures that yielded a 100-fold return.

Clinton invited ridicule last year when she said she and her husband were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House despite the fact that she had received an $8 million advance to write her first memoir, Living History a month before her husband’s presidency ended. . . . Then there was the $190,000 in sundry household items the Clintons took from the White House in 2001 — $114,000 of which they later returned or reimbursed the government for.

The slow-motion rollout of Peter Schweizer’s upcoming book Clinton Cash, from which some of the recent Clinton stories emanated, is excruciating for Clinton’s team, which has girded for its launch since March. It doesn’t prove a direct connection between Bill Clinton’s actions and his wife’s decisions as secretary of state, according to people who have reviewed the book. But it’s like an ever-present heckler — shouting down the campaign’s carefully planned Hillary-cares-about-all-of-us events.”

As FDR and John Kennedy proved, being rich is no barrier to becoming president. But both men radiated class and a genuine ability to be empathic about those less fortunate than them. The danger Hillary faces is that she struggles to connect with voters while stories of her greed pile up. Maybe it stems from having been distracted for so long by counting the proceeds from the corporate collection plates she’s passed around for so many years.

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