Why the Response to the Texas Biker Shootout Is Racist, Obviously

by Ian Tuttle

The sheets were still over the bodies in a Waco parking lot on Sunday when the Daily Beast’s Sally Kohn identified the real problem with the biker gang shootout that left nine people dead:

The meme has been picked up across Twitter and the leftwing blogosophere:

Deray McKesson, a regular Black Lives Matter rabble-rouser, contended:

And taking the problem further, Salon’s Jenny Kutner asks why the shootout in Waco has not been described as a “riot.” After all:

A riot is not simply a demonstration against police brutality. It can also be what happens when scores of hostile white people open gunfire in a parking lot. . . . [Yet] “Riots” are reserved for communities of color in protest, whether they organize violently or not, and the “thuggishness” of those involved [in Waco] is debatable.

Where to begin?

The notion that CNN or the New York Times only label violence “riots” in black communities is nonsense. Just give it a quick Google search. Is Vancouver suddenly a “community of color”

But these facts do not matter. An increasingly sizable portion of the Left simply finds it impossible to interpret an event as anything other than racially tinged. Hence yesterday’s shootout was “white-on-white violence” — as if this was a backyard cookout in Westchester that got out of hand.

Biker gangs gunning each other down is not indicative of trends within “white America.” It is the manifestation of a behind-the-scenes turf battle going on between itinerant bands of self-proclaimed outlaws. This isn’t punks with a beef; it’s organized crime syndicates — Mafia vs. Camorra, Gulf vs. Zeta — doing what organized crime syndicates do. It is, in other words, a long way from rogue Marylanders seizing the opportunity to snag some free Funyons.

And who, precisely, is denying that organized crime syndicates are thuggish? Isn’t that generally what is meant by “biker gang”? No one is arguing that these were the Wild Hogs.

But it does not matter. The Left is simply obsessed with race. Trigonometry and obesity and gardening and hoop skirts — no sparrow shall fall without Salon noting the structural injustices that pinioned his wings.

It is the sign of a small mind that it must squeeze every event into a prefabricated narrative. Are there any smaller minds in America at present than those that see everything in black and white?

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